Formation of LLCs

Expert Assistance With LLCs

Ensure Your Business Is Protected

The formation of a business can be complex when it comes to the laws governing commercial entities. Legal disputes can have serious consequences on not only your business but also your personal life.
Short Law can assist you with registering your LLC with the state of Kansas, the draft of operating agreements, corporate organization, and governance, financial analysis for your business affairs and legal compliance issues. 
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Complete Formation Of LLCs

  • Assist clients with registering LLC with the state of Kansas
  • Draft of operating agreements - rules or procedures of how business will operate
  • Help to file with the state and obtain a copy
  • Amendments to LLC documents and much more
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Skillful Attorney By Your Side

With an experienced attorney by your side, there’s no need to feel overwhelmed at the thought of setting up a business. We’re here to determine your needs and ideas for your business and help you complete the appropriate paperwork to obtain your incorporation status. 
Extended Hours Available

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For your convenience, we offer extended hours upon request. Call us at 620-402-5077 today!
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